My Technology Life

Being born in 1998 I have gotten exposed to a lot of technology. When I was about six years old my parents bought me Backyard Football 2004. I absolutely loved that game to death and I would play that game after school every day. So I decided to research to see if this company made more games and they did! They made hockey games, soccer games, baseball games and basketball games. These games really sparked my interest and my love for these sports. So as the years progressed I continued to play these games and I would ask my parents to buy me the new version of these games as the years progressed for our computer.

As the years progressed I continued to get these new games. However in 2007 my parents surprised me with my Wii! I played the Wii everyday and when Mario-kart Wii came out and I played that almost everyday. At the time I got Mario-Kart I was in 4th grade. I loved it so much that I joined online clans that would play in online tournaments. I was playing with people who were five or six years older than me and I was able to hold my own in the races.

While I loved my Wii and Mario-kart I had another piece of technology on my mind and that was a PlayStation three. In fourth grade a I met a friend who just recently moved into my neighborhood. So I went to his house one day and got to play on his PlayStation three and I loved it. My parents would not let me get a PlayStation three accept under one condition. That condition was that I had to make it to the final of a 24 competition. I ended up finishing second and I was able to earn my PlayStation three!

In the Summer of sixth grade year heading into my seventh grade year I played Call of Duty and I was able to meet some people from my middle school that I am still friends with today. All throughout middle school I made good friends playing Call of Duty and then I got other games like Madden and NBA 2k and FIFA. During all of that video gaming, in seventh grade I got my first phone! It was anything special, just a simple Nokia. Finally for finishing middle school I got my first iPad.

As I went into high school technology stayed the same accept new applications like Twitter and Instagram became big “must have” applications. So I had to get an upgrade for my phone. For my birthday I ended up getting an touchscreen LG smartphone. Again, nothing crazy but it got the job done. Then in my sophomore year my PlayStation three broke witch I was pretty upset about but luckily we were able to get it fixed and I also got a PlayStation four for my birthday! One year later I got a new Samsung Galaxy S5 Active which I still have to this day. While I am writing this it just hit me that the last piece of technology I received was this laptop I am writing my paper on, My Dell Inspiron 13.

Technology is a big part of my life for sure. My generation basically does not have a clue what it is like without computers, televisions, phones, etc. Myself as well as others are truly blessed to be able to have technology like this available to us. If you ask someone 50 years ago if they would read my blog they would look at me with six heads.  Overall though I am happy with what I have and that this technology can help me out with my life whether it is a simple google or just keeping me updated on weather.

The Advancement

We are closer to the year 2033 than we are to 2000. Is that not crazy? Time really flies and you know what else flies? The advancement of technology. We have phones that can do almost anything a computer and camera could do. Our computers lightning quick. Any Television show you want to watch is mist likely on Hulu or Netflex. Social Media is one of the quickest ways to get in contact with anyone who has a Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. Texting, calling and of course talking are still options but you tell anyone about this 70 years ago they would call you crazy.

Actually lets be specific and talk 70 years ago in the World War two era. In this article “As We May Already Know” the author (Vannever Bush) says methods of getting information across are old and weak. Keep in mind this was written in 1945. Today, we just type something and hit a button and boom, your thoughts are there for the world to see. He goes on to mention that two centuries ago, a man by the name of Leibnitz invented a calculating machine but it was to hard to construct so it kind of fell though for the time being. Let me ask a question, have you ever gone a time within the past 5 years and not had a calculator at your fingertips? Most likely not because they are everywhere! Your phone, pocket calculators or you could just google one!

As the article goes on he mentions that all we to do to keep a record of something is either write it or push a button on a typewriter. Now, we could text on our phones or type something like I am doing right now! The best part? If you mess up, you do not need to start over like on a type writer. If there is anything to take away from this blog is that we should all appreciate the backspace key.

He seems to have a big pet peeve and that is the way technology was handled back in his time. He had problems with how information was organized. Now everything is organized perfectly and you set it however you want on your phones and laptops. His purpose in writing this article was to point that the technology they had then was great, but, it could be better. Now in 2017 we definitely hit his expectations. We even far surpassed his expectations, but was it for the better?

I am about as guilty as the next person when it comes to social media. I do not tweet everyday. I do not post on Instagram everyday and I do not post on Snapchat or Facebook everyday. I do however go on them everyday whether it is for news or just enjoyment. In an article titled “How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media?” Teenagers spend approximately nine hours on social media a day. I never spend that much time on social media but I’m sure Bush never expected this. They broke it down by each social media application to demonstrate how much time a typical lifetime. You will spend 1 year and 10 months on YouTube, 1 year and 2 months on Snapchat, 1 year and 7 months on Facebook and 18 days on twitter. I personally find the twitter approximation to small and I think it should be much longer. It almost seems like it is controlling a big part of our life nowadays.

A website called is a place where you can see how many tweets, e-mails, facebook, etc, that are sent in one day. Crazy stats like 520,000,000+ tweets have been sent today. That is a lot of people on social media at once. There are plenty of other crazy out of these world stats and you can look at them are there website. There is one however that boggles my mind. There are 3,727,125,000+ internet users in the world. To think the internet was not existent to the public 50 or more years, makes you appreciate where we are now.

Do we own our Domain?

Writing for a blog during your first year seminar is pretty cool. You feel like you have a job and that you are writing for people who can read online anywhere any time. In the The Web We Need to Give Our Students article, the author (Audrey Watters) mentions that the students have more control over what is viewed and said on their own personal site. The author also states that students can express their thoughts and opinions through writing. I agree completely that when you can free write your thoughts for others to see and give feedback. Another cool thing about this whole concept is that you can look back at what you have written throughout your time of schooling. Having your education travel with you throughout your life is a big advantage.

I love the points that the author brings up in the past article, but in this next article “Do I Own My Domain if You Grade It?” the author (Andrew Rikard) brings up some good points I agree with. His first point he brings up that what is the point of making it public if the only people who will see it will be your peers in the class and the teacher. To us students I can absolutely see where he is coming from in that regard. The point he is trying to get across is that the students will see it as public grading system and therefore it would not feel like a blog to them. However, overall having a blog that is part of my education has more pros then cons.

About Us

Welcome to my blog! I consider myself a huge sports fanatic. I like to read sports posts and follow all types of  Sports. I go to Muhlenberg College and I plan to major in Media and Communications.

Course Expectations

Coming into my freshman year at Muhlenberg I plan to study media and communications. I decided to take this first year seminar because this course has to do with with the digital world and that is something that interests me. Being able to write actual blog posts for a class will be a cool experience. It will make me it feel like I am writing for people who want to read blog posts. Technology in my life has a pretty big impact. I use technology to keep up with news whether it is in the real world or sports related. Having a public academic presence does not faze me. I think it is pretty cool for others to see my progress with my writing skills throughout the semester.

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