I’m getting a new phone for my birthday but, that doesn’t interest you. My point is that I am usually excited by about new technology and sometimes receiving it. The topic I want to discuss is the concept behind self-driving cars. I recently read over in a report titled Deep Shift Technology Tipping Points
and Societal Impact and noticed that there was a self-driving section in the report. I have never been high on the idea of self-driving cars. I do not like not being able to have control over the car and I am always afraid it will get hacked or something.

In the article goes into some interesting details. Driverless cars will equal about 10% of the cars on a U.S road by 2026. I find that really interesting that already we are hearing about these cars so soon. Think about it, in approximately eight years, we will see a lot more of these cars on the road. We are even seeing some self-driving cars right now. Look at Japan. In a CNN article by Daniel Shane, he talks about how Nissan is already putting some of these cars on the road in Japan by 2019. These cars will have all of these cameras and sensors to make sure that the car can navigate correctly.

It is not only Japan and Nissan who are looking towards the future, GM is as well. In an NBC article by Phil LeBeau, he talks about how GM wants to get self-driving on the roads by 2019 as well. In fact, they have some Chevy Bolts on the road being tested in the San Fransisco. It seems as if they want to make this a taxi service? Maybe just for now.

Going to back to the original article, these cars do have some positives going for them. Safety will definitely be improved or else if something goes wrong we could have some big lawsuits. These cars would also be electric and won’t be giving off a lot of air pollution. Some negatives are that truck and taxi drivers will more than likely lose their job. We now get to which I think is the biggest negative and that is the possibility of somebody hacking your car. I’m sure that somehow GM and Nissan will figure out ways to counter that but hackers are always thinking. If it was not for the possibility of hacking or the car just responding incorrectly, I would be all in but, that’s not the case. We have a lot of time to perfect this right now though. I think we will be in good hands down the road.

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