During the semester we had to participate in different digital activities. These activities varied from googling yourself, making a twitter account or creating a blog. So I decided to make an interactive digital activity on quizlet.

Recently we talked about tipping points in my First Year Seminar class and I think the class and I found it very interesting. Some of the tipping points included driverless cars and AI decision making. What I thought I would do is create a quizlet based on those tipping points testing everyone’s knowledge on when we are expected to have this technology.

I realize the end of the semester is coming around but, I feel that doing this is a great way to test your memory.  Also, I feel like the class really involved in discussions so, they may appreciate this digital activity.

I could also see this being beneficial after this semester too. These tipping points are points of a lot of discussion outside of college. Having a knowledge of these tipping points and when they are projected to occur could help in a conversation. All you have to do to participate in this activity is follow the link I provided and give it a shot!

I also think that this activity will also expand your use of your own digital world. I’ve been using quizlet since 7th grade and I always found it useful. Adding quizlet to your supply of online tools, then what are you waiting for?

Even if you don’t want to do my quiz, Quizlet has plenty of other question sets that you can go through and do. If you so desire, you can even make your own for this upcoming finals week. The best part is that Quizlet is free! There is an option to pay but it is not necessary if you just want to make flashcards.

I hope you check out my quiz at https://quizlet.com/250633140/fys142-tipping-points-flash-cards/?new. I would love to know what you got on my test. I highly recommend that you check out Quizlet because it is a very useful tool to use!


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