A lot of websites can help people out when studying. I recently reviewed Quizlet and gave it a good review. I would still recommend that but, there is one other helpful website I would put ahead of it. That website is, Khan Academy.

What I like about Khan Academy is that it is a very diverse tool to use. There are many different ways to use Khan Academy. You can watch videos that can help you and you can do practice problems afterward. There are also multiple different things you can study on there too.

Subjects include math, science, computing, history, and economics. They branch off into subcategories and include multiple different sub-subjects. I have used Khan Academy before and I found it very useful. The videos can range anywhere from three to ten minutes. They go very in-depth and I found them very useful. I also like how they give mini achievements as you go through the different lessons. It really makes you feel like you are learning a lot more.

One other benefit is that you can access it anywhere. It’s very convenient to your needs. You don’t have to go anywhere to practice your assignments. This is unrelated to college students but, if you wanted to start your kid off young around the age of five or so, it is a great way to start them. The lessons can be very elementary for young kids.

There are a few downsides to Khan Academy. There are a lot of subjects but, they don’t have every single subject. I have also recently noticed that it has been slow in some cases while using the website. It could be just a slight glitch on the website that day but, I still would recommend it.

Overall, I would recommend the use of Khan Acamedy. There are definitely more ups than down. I liked to use it in high school and I still found it to be useful. If you want to study for finals in a certain subject then I would highly recommend the use of Khan Acamedy.


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