Writing for a blog during your first year seminar is pretty cool. You feel like you have a job and that you are writing for people who can read online anywhere any time. In the The Web We Need to Give Our Students article, the author (Audrey Watters) mentions that the students have more control over what is viewed and said on their own personal site. The author also states that students can express their thoughts and opinions through writing. I agree completely that when you can free write your thoughts for others to see and give feedback. Another cool thing about this whole concept is that you can look back at what you have written throughout your time of schooling. Having your education travel with you throughout your life is a big advantage.

I love the points that the author brings up in the past article, but in this next article “Do I Own My Domain if You Grade It?” the author (Andrew Rikard) brings up some good points I agree with. His first point he brings up that what is the point of making it public if the only people who will see it will be your peers in the class and the teacher. To us students I can absolutely see where he is coming from in that regard. The point he is trying to get across is that the students will see it as public grading system and therefore it would not feel like a blog to them. However, overall having a blog that is part of my education has more pros then cons.

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