I think it would be safe to say everyone here has used google. In fact, you probably used googled when you were young. Back then you could not really google yourself because you most likely did not do anything worth notice. However now it may be a different story. Have you ever googled yourself? I did and what I saw shocked me a little bit.

Okay so it did not really shock me because I did not really expect too much. I am not really into social media that much so I did not think I would see much and I was right. The only social media applications that came up was Instagram and Facebook which is what I expected. I only created my Facebook so I could join the Muhlenberg Class of 2021 page. My twitter for my First Year Seminar also came up. Now I know from doing this in the past that people with the same last name as me also show up. In fact the people with the same last name as me show up more than I do.

Now besides social media and other people my name does actually appear on google! Is that not crazy? In high school we had a news network that I was apart of and we covered sports and other school events. Since I was a senior I took one of the leadership roles in developing the sports footage. The featured video was from my friends and I covered National Signing Day. My friend and I also made sports hype videos for the school and for professional sports. We made Super Bowl, March Madness and NBA finals hype videos.

A year ago in the summer my friend asked me if I wanted to write a sports blog for fun with him and his friend. I accepted as I thought it would be a cool opportunity to write about sport topics I liked to talk about. Throughout the course of a month I wrote four different blog posts. One about football, another about basketball and two on baseball. As I continued to write I noticed my writing was getting better and more people from my school would read it. The blog never really took off but it was still fun during that last month of summer.

Naturally I used google before I looked up myself like I would assume everyone would. It is interesting to see if Yahoo or Bing came up with something else. It was interesting to see that Yahoo and Bing showed less of me and more of others with the same last name. My Facebook did not show up as well as my twitter for my First Year Seminar. My blog post were also nowhere to be found either. So do not just google yourself, check out the other search engines as well. Overall googling myself was interesting. You never really know what you are going to see on the internet. Hopefully down the road when you google my name you see that I am sports broadcaster.


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